for the love of my life

12 years ago
I remember
meeting you
And falling in love
Thinking of ways
to say it
Coming up blank
Trying and trying
Failing And walking
4 years ago
I met you again
And i knew you
were all i wanted
You gave me
And someone to
You taught me
how to love
You gave me
My happiness was
because of you
You completed me
I wanted more of
Not knowing how
to get it
I walked away.
1 year ago
i was drowning in
an ocean of my
own tears
Till you found me
And offered a
Life started over
with you
Its like the sun
shines much
Music that much
All because of you
I know i love you
If not, then you
are the closest i
have come to love
You have restored
my purpose for
Healed me from all
my past hurts
Shown me that a
coin has two sides
Taught me how to
Helped me forgive
the past
Now i am whole.
Every conversation
leaves me wanting
more of you
Your voice
Your touch
Your love
I want all of you
I want to be the
one who
understands you
better than any
one else ever has.
Thats not doing
too much
I guess you’re all i
live for
I can’t leave you
Not after all we
have been through
You have been to
A friend
A lover
A shoulder to cry
A counsellor/
A helper
You are to me all
that and much
Most of all you are
the love of my life
I wrote this for you
With no rhyming
Just so i can simply
They say ‘nobody
is perfect’ but you


Long cool day

Today aint over but i guess its safe to say that its been a long day… Very productive. Fyi.
Funny thing is i was supposed to go to school but the heat defeated me, i just couldn’t make it out of the house. The irritating thing is the day i skip school because of the heat is the day it is awfully cool. How ironic.
Spent the day studying and catching up on banking law and practice. Exams are in 24days. Omg!! Interesting. I know my legs are shaking due to that fact but i just want to be done with them so that i can progress to the next stage of my life… I can’t wait to start working and start saying things like ‘oh hey,am sorry hun. I won’t make it. Work is overwheming’ hehehe.

Summertime :)

I must say,for someone who hates the heat;i do love summertime.
Its the one time when being in a bikini which is the equivalent of a bra and panties is legal. 🙂 i remember this one time in 2009,my bestfriend and i went swimming and we met some neighborhood guys at the pool,at some point we ran out of drinks and so we all got into the car to go get some…it was crazie coz i kinda got out of the car in my Anyway thats just one of my many summer experiences.
The heat might be unbearable and it may make u want to undress half the time but thank God for summer and for once,black aint cool. I mean,its absurd to wear black in this weather though i wore my black jeans the other day. Hehehe. Enjoy summer y’all.