Summertime :)

I must say,for someone who hates the heat;i do love summertime.
Its the one time when being in a bikini which is the equivalent of a bra and panties is legal. 🙂 i remember this one time in 2009,my bestfriend and i went swimming and we met some neighborhood guys at the pool,at some point we ran out of drinks and so we all got into the car to go get some…it was crazie coz i kinda got out of the car in my Anyway thats just one of my many summer experiences.
The heat might be unbearable and it may make u want to undress half the time but thank God for summer and for once,black aint cool. I mean,its absurd to wear black in this weather though i wore my black jeans the other day. Hehehe. Enjoy summer y’all.


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