To you. Because i love you. Seriously. I do.

Its funny how i fell in love with you. If someone had told me then that i would love you this much when i first heard you sing, i would not have believed them because to me; you were just another up coming musician.

The first song i heard had me puzzled because i did not know what you were trying to put across but i loved it because it helped me cope with how i was feeling: misunderstood, restless, ambivalent, unwanted, detached from reality, living in an alternate world, trusting in the mystical. When i listened to you sing, i felt at peace like i was home. Its unbelievable that you could so clearly articulate my then complex persona.

I went on to listen to more of your songs and i knew you were HIM. The one who would take me to bed and wake me up with his beautiful voice singing of worlds and things that are not easily comprehensible. I loved that you did not make sense and you still dont but that is besides what i am trying to say.

I love you because you are awesome. I love you because your lyrics are so poetic. I love you because to me, you are music.

I promise to always be your biggest fan. I promise to always mention you on twitter and I promise to always support you in any and every way possible.

You are a part of my life and my day is incomplete without listening to you.

I love you Owl City (ADAM YOUNG)!!!

Always and forever




My world is going through changes
The faces around me are changing
Slowly becoming distant voices in an empty life
Filled with echoes of a long lost love
Memories of past hurts
And my core is slowly disintegrating
Letting go of people I have come to know
Hard it seems to start over
I will manage

My life is going through changes
Priorities are slowly being re-arranged
Putting them first and crossing them off the list
My friends are appearing in a new light
And with them life is getting brighter


I take a deep breath and assure myself that i can do this
I was created for this and this is who i am supposed to be
Inhale, Exhale
I take my own hand and walk away
Walk away from the fake world i have lived in
Chasing men
Chasing love
Chasing friends
Chasing me
Hoping i would complete my heart
Not knowing i was slowly fading into nothingness
Slowly dying to nothing and becoming nothing

I need healing
I need loving
I need needing
I want to love and be loved
I want to forgive and be forgiven
I want to need and be needed

I am sorry That everyday i find new ways
To disappoint you
To hurt you
To kill you
And i feel so bad that everyday that I am being fake
You still love me
You still want me
Oceans cant compare to the pain i feel
Its piercing me and am bleeding
My heart
My mind
My hands
My body
All i am is evaporating and condensing into the new me

I am alive now

I Died

I died to myself
Put others before me
Putting myself on the shelf
So i could help another person see
Who they were destined to be
So i could help another person understand that a rainbow appears after the rain
Hence all they had to do was pray away the pain

I died to love
Chose to believe falling in love wasn’t all there was to life
To love, i refused to be a slave
And in so doing avoided strife
But love is the quintessential human emotion
And running away breeds hate
Hence i decided to accept my portion
And though i am 2 years late, its better than never loving

I died to the flesh
Chose to live for Christ
And in him i started afresh
He taught me to trust
In him i find true happiness
And unconditional love
Given freely without stress
Christ is all i have

I died so that i would not have to live in the past
Surrounded by the shadows that my pain cast
I am alive now
Resurrected with Christ

I died
So that i would be born anew


You are my temptation
A vivid picture of my fantasy
Chocolate and spices all wrapped up into seduction
Subjecting my mind to lunacy
Seeing you is like a drug
That satisfies a deep hunger for your touch
Without you, time’s a drag
And when with you, time’s not much.

Touch me
Electrify my soul
I want to see
See your all.

I crave your lips
To touch mine
In a perfect moment of bliss
As when the moon is at its shine
The stars will dance
When in that moment… You and I are given a chance
To explore each other
As two beings never been touched
In that moment there will be nothing to hide
Just you and I conjoined in a sea of ecstasy.
You and I.
Just u and i.

My man, He walked away

My man he walked away
And i goodbye he did not bid
Just upped and left me one day
And there was nothing i did

My man he walked away
Left me standing at the altar
Was it because with me he did not lay?
Oh i wish reality i could alter

My man he walked away
He heard the lies they said
To their music i saw him sway
I was so hurt that tears i could not shed

My man he walked away
Left me out in the night
With not much as a kiss
All i did was wait for sunlight
And move on i did