Cry for help

I opened my eyes to see the cloudy sky through the window above me
The tv was on and going on about something
I was lying on the floor With nothing on but my tattoo
The events of the moments before slowly came back to me too vividly
I had done it again
Molested my soul
Violated my body
And now my being was going around in circles
Regretting my being me
Cursing my weakness
Trying to avoid the forth coming stress
Feeling filthy in mind and heart
Tears rolled down my sweaty face, taking my mascara with them
Falling onto my bare chest
Reminding me of how many times i had been there
Help me
I cant go on like this
Daily feeling like I deserve to die
Which I do
Please Hear me
This is a cry for help


2 thoughts on “Cry for help

  1. lostinfinding says:

    Very deep and honest, no one deserves to feel that way.

  2. thawritergirl says:

    Thank you for the comment. I appreciate..

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