I Died

I died to myself
Put others before me
Putting myself on the shelf
So i could help another person see
Who they were destined to be
So i could help another person understand that a rainbow appears after the rain
Hence all they had to do was pray away the pain

I died to love
Chose to believe falling in love wasn’t all there was to life
To love, i refused to be a slave
And in so doing avoided strife
But love is the quintessential human emotion
And running away breeds hate
Hence i decided to accept my portion
And though i am 2 years late, its better than never loving

I died to the flesh
Chose to live for Christ
And in him i started afresh
He taught me to trust
In him i find true happiness
And unconditional love
Given freely without stress
Christ is all i have

I died so that i would not have to live in the past
Surrounded by the shadows that my pain cast
I am alive now
Resurrected with Christ

I died
So that i would be born anew


2 thoughts on “I Died

  1. Beautuful I can totally relate. God Bless. 🙂

  2. Thank you and God bless you too

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