I take a deep breath and assure myself that i can do this
I was created for this and this is who i am supposed to be
Inhale, Exhale
I take my own hand and walk away
Walk away from the fake world i have lived in
Chasing men
Chasing love
Chasing friends
Chasing me
Hoping i would complete my heart
Not knowing i was slowly fading into nothingness
Slowly dying to nothing and becoming nothing

I need healing
I need loving
I need needing
I want to love and be loved
I want to forgive and be forgiven
I want to need and be needed

I am sorry That everyday i find new ways
To disappoint you
To hurt you
To kill you
And i feel so bad that everyday that I am being fake
You still love me
You still want me
Oceans cant compare to the pain i feel
Its piercing me and am bleeding
My heart
My mind
My hands
My body
All i am is evaporating and condensing into the new me

I am alive now


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