My world is going through changes
The faces around me are changing
Slowly becoming distant voices in an empty life
Filled with echoes of a long lost love
Memories of past hurts
And my core is slowly disintegrating
Letting go of people I have come to know
Hard it seems to start over
I will manage

My life is going through changes
Priorities are slowly being re-arranged
Putting them first and crossing them off the list
My friends are appearing in a new light
And with them life is getting brighter


8 thoughts on “MY CHANGING WORLD

  1. Kaluani says:

    I like this one, becoming an adult and independent, I can relate.

  2. Growing up is not easy but we have to. Thank you

  3. I like the negative / positive contrast lovely. Something everyone can relate to.

  4. Thank you hun. To me poetry is all about helping people relate to life through my life..

  5. MsPoetress says:

    I can surely relate! Nice work!!!

  6. Harnew says:

    Can you say, RELATABLE?!

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