To you. Because i love you. Seriously. I do.

Its funny how i fell in love with you. If someone had told me then that i would love you this much when i first heard you sing, i would not have believed them because to me; you were just another up coming musician.

The first song i heard had me puzzled because i did not know what you were trying to put across but i loved it because it helped me cope with how i was feeling: misunderstood, restless, ambivalent, unwanted, detached from reality, living in an alternate world, trusting in the mystical. When i listened to you sing, i felt at peace like i was home. Its unbelievable that you could so clearly articulate my then complex persona.

I went on to listen to more of your songs and i knew you were HIM. The one who would take me to bed and wake me up with his beautiful voice singing of worlds and things that are not easily comprehensible. I loved that you did not make sense and you still dont but that is besides what i am trying to say.

I love you because you are awesome. I love you because your lyrics are so poetic. I love you because to me, you are music.

I promise to always be your biggest fan. I promise to always mention you on twitter and I promise to always support you in any and every way possible.

You are a part of my life and my day is incomplete without listening to you.

I love you Owl City (ADAM YOUNG)!!!

Always and forever



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