Don’t Tell Me To Follow My Heart

I can not recall the many times I have been at a cross road in my life, gone to my friends for advice and they tell me to Follow My Heart!
I have never given much thought to this till a friend of mine recently updated her facebook status saying “don’t tell me to follow my heart bc you will be shocked”.
I didn’t comment on that update and I did not ask her what she meant by that but that statement caught ny attention.
The more I thought about it, the more I realized the same could be said about me. I have a tendency to do what people tell me NOT to do. No, I am not disobedient. I just think its fun shocking people because these days, almost every one walks a tight rope; some people can’t even take e a joke.

Anyway, every time I went ahead and followed my heart; I wound up getting hurt which left me at this conclusion: My heart does not know what it is doing!
I know when people tell you to ‘follow your heart’ they don’t mean it literally but if they did, I’d tell them my heart has no legs and so can’t move unless I do. In that case, how can I follow something that is totally dependent on me for movement?
With that said, please take note that I use my mind for thinking and not my heart so next time someone wants to suggest to me a body part I should follow, I recommend my brain.

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Letters To Ronnie (The Day We Met)

Dear Ronnie

Do you remember how we met?
I do
The ground was wet
So was my soul
The prior storm
Had rained deep into me
All I could do was roam
Around in my mind Trying to realize what I was meant to be
After he left me
Holding the pieces of my heart
In my hand
The wind blew
The pieces of me

You appeared
Like the sun on a rainy day
Amidst my hurt
You brought joy
You showed me the way
To love
To care again
Its like I started living
When you walked into
My life
I can’t dispute the fact that
I would have still been
Stuck in that storm
Had you not shown up

Your presence lightens
Up a dark day
Your smile turns my skies blue
Your love keeps me going through life
Your care is all I need to get up everyday
Your voice drives away all my fears
Your being gives me hope for tomorrow
Your touch makes me feel like the woman I never knew I was
Your breathe upon my skin rejuvenates my body
And I feel young again
Like our love will never end
And I hope it never does

When you feel like leaving
Remember this love we have is rare
Our chemistry is the last of its kind
Call it fate
Here we are
And we will survive the
Hardships life throws at us
When I feel like leaving
I will remember one fact
You made me the woman I am today
You are my hero

broken hearted girl

broken hearted girl

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What The Artist Said To Me (Part 1)

The singer

I will sing to you
How many have done that for you?
None, I presume
Don’t assume
Just let my voice
Caress you
You have no choice
But to let me love you
Like no other has
All they have been is a farce
I will be real
I will steal
away your frown
And drown
It in the music
That our love will create

The writer

I will re-write
Your story
And make everything right
All those sorry
Moments will
Fade away
And a new day
Will dawn on you but only if you stand still
And let me love you
My words will soothe
Your tired spirit
They will smooth
All the rough edges
In your life
Forget about the past pages
That have caused you strife
For I am going to erase them all
And my verses will be the poetry in your soul
I will fix you up
Lift you up
And treat you like the princess you are

The painter

Look at me
Straight into my eyes
I want to capture the sea
Of tears
You have cried
Let me add color
To your life
Help you live a fuller
Life isn’t black and white
Its colorful and bright
Green and yellow
Look up from below
The sky is blue
And the clouds are full
Of happiness
Just for you
Won’t you let this stress
Let my paint brush
Outline your body
Fill it in the right places
I see the beauty in you
The smile hidden in your eyes
I will capture that and
Make you my master piece

To Be Continued….

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Sex In The Kitchen

In the still of the night
Our attraction shone bright
The silence urged us on
I listened to the tone
Of your voice as you
Whispered ‘I want you’
‘I want you,too’
You kissed me
You held me
Tight as we embraced
Each other. Traced
Our steps to the kitchen
Where you lay me on the table.
Smitten and
Emotions unstable
The fire burned around us
As our fondling electrified us
Into a ball of fire
That lit our lair

Your hands moved to my breasts
And you held them like they were breakable
You had my interests
At heart and in that moment,we were unbreakable

You pulled down my dress
And it fell to the floor
‘I need you to press
Your body against my soul’
You said
Your words caressing my ears
Transporting me to an empyreal world

You completed me
With your body
Forget that emotional talk
All we need is this spark
That causes our bodies to explode
For the whole world to see
In that perfect moment when we unite
And a fire we ignite

Later, we watched the sun rise
As the world came to life



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Thank You (this one is for my mum)

Thank you for keeping me
For helping me see
The beauty of life
Teaching me to strive
For my dreams
Because nobody else will

Thank you for the smiles
That lighten up my dark day
Even from miles
You lift me up with your words
Thank you for the tears
That you cried to God for me
When I lost my way
And you almost lost me

Thank you for being strong
For me
For holding my hand
And putting me on the right path
Thank you for the harsh words
They hurt
But they made me who I am

Thank you for letting me make mistakes
I had to learn
And now am wiser
Thank you for the many times
You have nursed me back to health
Sitting through the night
My hand in yours
Telling me it will be okay

Thank you for the countless times you have come to my rescue
Without a moments hesitation

Thank you for letting me follow my dreams
No matter how ridiculous

Mum, Lord knows I will be blessed to be, even half the woman you are!

I love you mum!

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To The Man I Will Love

Its not everyday
But today I caught myself
Going out of my way,
And thinking of you
How you look like
What you smell like
How your touch will feel
On my skin.
I wonder how you love
Half heartedly?
Whole heartedly?
Or maybe you don’t believe in love?
Oh I sure hope you’re brave enough
To see through the worlds twisted version of LOVE!

If I ever find you
I promise
I will let you love me
And I will love you
Like I have never loved
Another being
I will take care to always have
Your interests at heart
And to never hurt you
For I know how to feels to

We will lie on the grass
In twilight
And count the stars above us
Think of baby names
As we contemplate our future
And the days ahead of us
Filled with
And tribulations
But we will overcome them
Because it will be Us against the world

If I ever find you
I hope you will be my first
And last
‘ I do’
If I ever find you
I pray you will be