In an instant
Every motion froze
Time was silent
My chapter was at its close
Nothing within me stirred as before me he stood and poisoned my soul
Oh the pain
I could not believe it was happening again
Indeed my life was a show
Complete with joy and hurt
And everything else that helped me exist
The pain in my chest was so chaste it was exquisite

My body shook
Emotions liquefied
As my soul he took
And my life was left unsatisfied
With a void never to be filled
Shadows around me closed in
Crashing me into my heart
My life crumbled into a stream i later drowned in
And eternity within me was imparted

Of passion i had a recollection as i died
Insatiable, perpetual and fiery
I hoped that with me he would abide
Otherwise i would lay in misery
Without him to ignite my fire
I was bound to an eternity of premature climax
The truth i knew dissolved

Every conflict within me was resolved
Love and hate fused into an emotion with a touch of apathy
But for myself i felt no sympathy
I felt my spirit short of breath and i knew death was imminent

Light shone on my dilapidated soul
Deeper and deeper i sunk into the ground
On a quest never to be found
It was the last thing i saw as i was put to rest
In the shadow of the sun


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