You loved me seven times before you left,
maybe it was once,I forget sometimes,
all these memories have left me cleft

first: when we met
in the midst of the crowd,
as the sun set,
i remember that love was mild

second: in mid air
with the world below us
‘love me if you dare’
but to you,it was all a fuss

triple your love to when you said you loved me,
and nobody could measure up,
so i thought,i just couldn’t see,
that our love was a forlorn hope

fourth,when we kissed,
and i felt heavens gate open,
all the way from the west to the east

fifth,when we lay
and loved and loved and loved,
what more can i say?

sixth: when you made me yours,
and my joy was complete,
for you i fell as the highest falls

seventh: when you walked away,
and i came tumbling down,
you loved me but you couldn’t stay


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