I am lying in bed right now, trying to sleep but for some reason i can’t.
So i start to think about everything and a thought just occurred to me; i would say its something i have observed.
Every blog i have visited has a comments section where readers are given a chance to air out their views on the article they have read. This is true for many other websites as well. Talk of facebook, every post you make gives your friends an opportunity to make a comment. It doesn’t matter whether its a changed relationship status, a new friendship, a link… Facebook wants you to say something about it. Which brings me to the point I am trying to make. It seems the world wants you to have an opinion about every thing. Well, yes it does!!! The world wants you to be a thinker. You need to see things and have something to say. Of course, you don’t have to have an opinion about everything but having nothing to say about everything is not a healthy way of living as you dont exercise your brain by thinking.
Take me for example, i seem to have an opinion about alot of things and i utilise the comments section of the blogs i visit.
If i know you then yes, i do have an opinion about you. Wait! I am not judging you as i keep these opinions to myself. I think it can only be called judging if you verbalise your opinion or thoughts about someone otherwise all you are doing is thinking to yourself and there definately is no law against that, is there? So go ahead and exercise your brain. Be a thinker. Don’t be the kind of person who is scared to air their opinions because of what people might say. Freedom of speech, remember?



  1. Martin Shone says:

    I guess I should comment now. Some poeple like to comment in a grand way with lots to say and say it too, some in a nice way others not, but as you say it’s freedom of speach. Me? I just like to say thank you and smile, opinions are hard to live up to/with.

  2. I get what you are saying and you’re right, some people do like to comment in a grand way but what i was trynna say is its good to atleast have something to say about atleast one topic. There are people i know who when you ask them what they think about something, they just go like ‘i don’t know’ seriously? Some can’t even pass an opinion over the worlds current affairs.. I guess i just want whoever reads this blog post to start to take an interest in learning and start challenging other people in different situations.

  3. Martin Shone says:

    Yes I see it now. Problem with me is I am in the kind of “I don’t know” category. To have an opinion and to be able to have a point of view about that opinion one needs to be able to argue that point and put it across in a calm manner. I cannot argue for all the leaves on the trees, it just isn’t in me so I’ll hush now 🙂

  4. Good post! I never thought about it like that, since I hae nothing better to do but think now. 🙂

  5. Harnew says:

    My favorite comment is, “This letter made me think.” Like Socrates, I want to change the thinking of the world.

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