I set us on Fire

I stumbled upon us today
Somethings, with me still stay
The memories are now a distant vision
But the pain is upon me like a lesion
I was reminded of the laughs and smiles
The difference in our styles
The love we had
And how we got scarred

I remember it all
Our love that was a show
The pointing fingers that followed us
The arguments we couldn’t get past
Most of all, I remember how we left each other
Without a thought of the other
Just turned our backs and kept walking away
We did not give this love a chance to stay

When I saw us today
I knew we had to pay
For letting each other go
I just thought I should let you know
Of how I set us on fire
And watched the flames flare
Up into the sky, consumed by the clouds
And into the rain we drowned
Never again to love
To cherish or to have


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