To The Man I Will Love

Its not everyday
But today I caught myself
Going out of my way,
And thinking of you
How you look like
What you smell like
How your touch will feel
On my skin.
I wonder how you love
Half heartedly?
Whole heartedly?
Or maybe you don’t believe in love?
Oh I sure hope you’re brave enough
To see through the worlds twisted version of LOVE!

If I ever find you
I promise
I will let you love me
And I will love you
Like I have never loved
Another being
I will take care to always have
Your interests at heart
And to never hurt you
For I know how to feels to

We will lie on the grass
In twilight
And count the stars above us
Think of baby names
As we contemplate our future
And the days ahead of us
Filled with
And tribulations
But we will overcome them
Because it will be Us against the world

If I ever find you
I hope you will be my first
And last
‘ I do’
If I ever find you
I pray you will be


5 thoughts on “To The Man I Will Love

  1. Afro Funk says:

    OH my word!!! This is sooooooooooo sweet!!! You will find him, i found mine at 24, it was worth the wait!!!

  2. Great work. The ending is particularly strong.

  3. Great article!! Fantastic writing

  4. Juliet elias says:

    Tz a kewl piece ov artwork @ da same tym may her hearts desire come 2 pass

  5. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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