Thank You (this one is for my mum)

Thank you for keeping me
For helping me see
The beauty of life
Teaching me to strive
For my dreams
Because nobody else will

Thank you for the smiles
That lighten up my dark day
Even from miles
You lift me up with your words
Thank you for the tears
That you cried to God for me
When I lost my way
And you almost lost me

Thank you for being strong
For me
For holding my hand
And putting me on the right path
Thank you for the harsh words
They hurt
But they made me who I am

Thank you for letting me make mistakes
I had to learn
And now am wiser
Thank you for the many times
You have nursed me back to health
Sitting through the night
My hand in yours
Telling me it will be okay

Thank you for the countless times you have come to my rescue
Without a moments hesitation

Thank you for letting me follow my dreams
No matter how ridiculous

Mum, Lord knows I will be blessed to be, even half the woman you are!

I love you mum!

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2 thoughts on “Thank You (this one is for my mum)

  1. So beautiful and heartfelt! God Bless U 🙂

  2. Thanks mama!!!! Mothers are just the BEST!

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