Sex In The Kitchen

In the still of the night
Our attraction shone bright
The silence urged us on
I listened to the tone
Of your voice as you
Whispered ‘I want you’
‘I want you,too’
You kissed me
You held me
Tight as we embraced
Each other. Traced
Our steps to the kitchen
Where you lay me on the table.
Smitten and
Emotions unstable
The fire burned around us
As our fondling electrified us
Into a ball of fire
That lit our lair

Your hands moved to my breasts
And you held them like they were breakable
You had my interests
At heart and in that moment,we were unbreakable

You pulled down my dress
And it fell to the floor
‘I need you to press
Your body against my soul’
You said
Your words caressing my ears
Transporting me to an empyreal world

You completed me
With your body
Forget that emotional talk
All we need is this spark
That causes our bodies to explode
For the whole world to see
In that perfect moment when we unite
And a fire we ignite

Later, we watched the sun rise
As the world came to life



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2 thoughts on “Sex In The Kitchen

  1. wobsy says:

    Good poem: thanks for posting.

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