Letters To Ronnie (The Day We Met)

Dear Ronnie

Do you remember how we met?
I do
The ground was wet
So was my soul
The prior storm
Had rained deep into me
All I could do was roam
Around in my mind Trying to realize what I was meant to be
After he left me
Holding the pieces of my heart
In my hand
The wind blew
The pieces of me

You appeared
Like the sun on a rainy day
Amidst my hurt
You brought joy
You showed me the way
To love
To care again
Its like I started living
When you walked into
My life
I can’t dispute the fact that
I would have still been
Stuck in that storm
Had you not shown up

Your presence lightens
Up a dark day
Your smile turns my skies blue
Your love keeps me going through life
Your care is all I need to get up everyday
Your voice drives away all my fears
Your being gives me hope for tomorrow
Your touch makes me feel like the woman I never knew I was
Your breathe upon my skin rejuvenates my body
And I feel young again
Like our love will never end
And I hope it never does

When you feel like leaving
Remember this love we have is rare
Our chemistry is the last of its kind
Call it fate
Here we are
And we will survive the
Hardships life throws at us
When I feel like leaving
I will remember one fact
You made me the woman I am today
You are my hero

broken hearted girl

broken hearted girl

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2 thoughts on “Letters To Ronnie (The Day We Met)

  1. I lyk ua style of poetry…amazing piece!

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