2011 in Review

Another year comes to an end. This year has ended rather quickly, it feels just like yesterday when I bid 2010 goodbye and welcomed 2011 into my life as my friends and I excitedly hugged each other, shed a few tears and prayed that this year would be different from the last.
Needless to say, this year has not been as good as 2010(which is the best year of my life). 2011 has been full of school stress, relationship stress, family stress, personal stress and every other stress known to man.
My resolutions are over and done with except one which I can’t do on my own so I guess next year will do :).
I want to thank my family for their love and support this whole year,I bring a lot of crazy into their lives but they love me still and they should.
My friends/sisters Kasy, Phyll, Steph, Lenga and Fay and all my other friends. We have had a fun year, maybe not good but fun. Maybe not this year or even next year but one day….we’ll dance on the streets coz finally; we’ll be dealt the right cards!
Every other friend I have made on facebook/twitter/wordpress, thanks for taking time to read what goes on in my mind/heart. You don’t know how much it means to me.

I personally can’t wait for this year to end because I am excited for next year as I progress onto another stage of life. Yayyyy!!

I can’t list all that I’ll remember from this year but 2011 has taught me that being pessimistic takes you nowhere in life so come 2012, I am embracing optimism. I’ll be the way I was, Lord knows this isn’t who I was; so mis-trusting of humans and thinking all everybody wants to do is hurt you. I want to live on the other side of life and believe again, that the world is bright and beautiful and beautiful souls exist and most of all that true love isn’t extinct.
This year has been quite full of negativity from within me and to some extent,the people surrounding me so I want 2012 to be the beginning of my life and I promise to surround myself with positive people hence I am leaving behind some people even those I call friends. Fresh start and all that cliche stuff people say every new years.

The blog will be updated everyday come 2012 *shrieks* I hope I can manage but I just have to. I have written so much the past few days that I am itching to share it with you all. I hope you’ll enjoy!! Thank you to all those who read and take time to tell me what they think. NOBODY would understand but those words are like music to my ears as they give me so much hope and I feel so loved (again, nobody can understand why). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you.
The blog will be a bit personal but I will upload a poem or two daily. Thank you, again.

Lastly, thank you Lord Jesus for being there for me this year. It hasn’t been easy (heartbreaks, loss, sickness, betrayal, death) but you got me through it all and I can face tomorrow because you live.

And now, a toast to 2012 (The year for all things true/ The year for the beautiful and independent ladies). Here is to true relationships,true love, true friends, writing about truth and accepting the truth about life….

Happy New Year.


Mr Right

The days that have gone by
Like the clouds in the sky
On a sunny day
Had me thinking of the future
And what I want Mr Right to possess

I didn’t draw up a list
Or sit for hours
Thinking of it

All I ask is
My dream guy
Be mine
And mine alone
He should be to me
To every other girl in the world
A dream!

Do you believe me?

Will you believe me if I said the poems I write are in no way related to me? No? Yes?

What if I said they are all about my life and my experiences? No? Yes?

If I say they relate to me, I will get sad faces and pity because majority of my poems are tragic in that they tell of heart break, pain, loss,betrayal, death etc.

If I say they don’t relate to me, you still won’t believe me..

So I leave it up to you to decide which one will help you sleep better at night 🙂

25 Corny Facts About A Girl Named Nelly

1. I am allergic to Boring people, over sensitive people and Bull-S!

2. I have an alter ego, her name is Xaria and she is much nicer than I am.

3. I hate receiving or making calls unless they are to/from my family, my 5 closest friends and my boyfriend.

4. I hate receiving forwarded texts or messages. I never forward them so please, save your air time.

5. I have a deep love for body art and I have an even deeper love for guys with tattoos 🙂

6. I have a tattoo on my body (no specifics)

7. My hair is a disaster. Everyday is a bad hair day.

8. I love having illegal fun! Legal is boring and too basic.

9. I am so impulsive, I think I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

10. On some level, I am claustrophobic.

11. I had my first boyfriend when I was 12.

12. Unlike some people reading this, I believe in True Love

13. I like weird stuff that make people look away or go like ‘eeek’ ‘ewww’ ‘ahhh’ and all that.

14. I came close to expulsion twice in high school for the same offence :/

15. I hate Instant meassaging eg 2go, bbm, mxit, whatsapp etc they bore me. Texting is better.

16. I love fish – dead or alive! Shark or kapenta! Octopus or whale! I love them all.

17. I believe aliens exist. No, I am not a Sci-Fi freak.

18. I am a nerd/geek/dork!

19. I hate arguing so whatever it is, you win. My temper is shorter than kim kardashian’s marriage.

20. I have a crush on Pjay the future and Eminem. Scratch that, I love them!

21. I don’t know what it is but there is just something about men who create art… Its so sexy!

22. Dull men?? Blehhh Next!!!

23. People with a god complex please stay away from me.

24. The kardashians are my guilty pleasure

25. The obvious: I love my blog

What The Artist Said To Me (Part Two)

The actor

Let’s make a movie
Whatever you want
Maybe a play
I’ll be Stevie
What name do you want?
You can say
Be anything
With me
I will still love you
Because I know the real you
After the act is over
I will give you the life
You see in your favourite movie
Now I am not stevie
I am the prince that you love
And now you can have
Let me call you Beauty
Not because you are beautiful
But I want you to see beauty
In life
Maybe am the beast
I want you to see past
The ugliness of my outward appearance
That’s what love is
Now let’s live out those scenes
Make them a reality
And live in our own movie
Till our death

The dancer

Stop moon walking
Through life
You won’t see,what in the shadows is lurking
I know the man you gave the first dance
Left you in a trance
Give me the last dance
And we’ll dance till we are in France
Near the eiffel tower
Where I’ll get on one knee and wife you
Let the power
Of dance take over you
And you will shake off your low moments
Embrace the compliments
That life and love bestow
Upon you
Its as simple as
I love you
Now let’s
Create art.