Letters To Ronnie (The Engagement)

Dear Ronnie

Do you remember that day?
When you put a ring on my finger?
It was simple yet special
You didn’t need a violinist to complement our romance
Or a cake to hide the ring
You just did it the old fashioned way
The way I like it
The old fashioned kind of love
Got on one knee and asked me
“Will you marry me?”
I knew it was inevitable but
I didn’t expect it that soon
I saw myself as your wife even before you asked
I saw us married long before we confessed our love
I remember feeling like
Kneeling down
But all I could do was say
What else was I supposed to say?

Images of our wedding flashed before me
As I imagined
My dress
My flowers
The music
You in a suit

Ronnie,you gave new meaning to the question
‘will you marry me’
The way you said it
Like those were your last words
Like your life hung on the response to that question
I know for a fact
‘Yes’ is the best answer I have ever given my whole life

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