Letters To Ronnie (The Wedding)

Dear Ronnie

I remember every emotion I felt that day

Waking up and feeling nervous
Dressing up and wondering what you were doing at that moment
Driving to the church and thinking maybe you had changed your mind
Walking down the aisle and realizing
You were the best decision I had ever made
Saying ‘I do’
I knew that was the first day of the rest of my happy life
With you
Finally I was your wife
You were my husband
And no one would dispute that fact
We had proof
It was on paper
And more importantly
Our bond
Was proof of our eternal love for each other
Everything henceforth felt like the first time
Our first kiss
Our first dance
Our first conversation
our first embrace
Our first time
Making love
With you everything was new
Even saying ‘I love you’ had a new meaning

I will always be your wife
In this life
And the next
And the one after that
Till eternity is put to rest


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