Letters to Ronnie (the marriage)

Dear Ronnie
Marriage is not what we see in movies
Its not all smiles and laughter
Its not everyday that I wanted to
talk to you
See you
Feel you close to me
Hear you speak
Hear you tell me you love me
Blame it on my hormones
Then again
All I am is human
Ergo I am imperfect

Sometimes I wonder
Why you stuck to me
Even when my body was changing
During my first pregnancy
I was ready to not have you there every night
I expected you to go out and look for
A younger
Prettier lady
But you proved me wrong
You showed me that men are different
I love you for that and more
Even when our child was born
You held my hand through it
All the while tolerating the screams and curses that escaped my mouth
Years later
When our offspring had left the nest
And it was just us
I realized that you were my friend
You kept me company when I needed it
You were there when I was at a low moment
You made me laugh
and we discovered ourselves in a new way

Ronnie, through all the hardships of marriage
The kids
The in laws
And many more
You were there
For that
I say
Thank you


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