Change is Good

I have never been away from home for this long since 2008. I have been here in Copper belt with my mums immediate elder sister and her family for close to 3 weeks now.
I must say that I have had a good time with my cousins and my friends from high school who stay in this part of the country.
I had a hard time adjusting to life here the first few days because life is a bit different than what I am used to but I just had to settle in; I am an adult and complaining is listed under the DON’TS of the Adult Hand Book. 😀
I must say that I have always been ambivalent where change is concerned. On one hand, change is good because it helps us grow but on the other hand it leaves us wounded(sometimes). I can’t say I have come to a conclusion on that because I still have mixed feelings about it.
Anyway being here has been good for me. It has helped me look at life from a totally different angle than what I am used to.
Most of all, I have proved some of the things my mother has time and again been telling me. Things like ‘money isn’t everything’ do not get me wrong, I never disagreed but things just have that much more significance in your life if you experience them.
Also that, school is important especially in this part of the world where sometimes employment is as scarce as an oasis in a desert.
Whilst here, I had time to think about my life and where I am headed and more importantly where I want writing to take me. I am proud to say that I now know. I know what I want to be when I grow up!!! Can’t say it right now but its a good decision because it involves me doing what I love and there is no better feeling!! Is there?

I surprisingly found myself missing home and my family. I have not been one to miss home because even when I was in high school (boarding), I missed school when I came home. Its normal for me because I have never been daddy’s girl. My parents taught me to be independent at a very tender age and by 12 years old, I could go out and buy groceries for the whole family, take care of them and my young brother who was 9 months whilst my mum was in school. My sister refuses to do any of that (though my brother is a big boy) now even though she is way older than I was; she claims she has a fear of crowds(what’s that phobia called?).
Anyway I can’t wait to go home and see everyone and everything because believe it or not, I miss my things like books, movies, magazines,my shoes, my clothes…I even miss my teddy 😦

I seem to have deviated from the topic but what I am trying to say is, change is good because it opens our eyes to another life,helps us grow and helps us appreciate what we have.
Might post some photos from my trip but I don’t think its necessary for now as I will post them in another post that will wrap up 2011.


2 thoughts on “Change is Good

  1. mzparentpro says:

    Hope you can make it home soon. You seem very homesick!

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