Nobody Is Born Dull

Many were the times whilst I was in high school that my teachers went off on a kid who wasn’t doing well in class, calling them dull and bound to fail.
As of today, I am done with school and thinking back to those days; I ask myself, Is there any such thing as a dull person?
Before I answer that, I want to take a look at the definition of dull according to Dictionary.Com and this definition is pertaining to intelligence or natural skill;

“mentally slow; lacking brightness of mind; somewhat stupid; obtuse.”

According to that definition, being dull means you’re mentally slow not necessarily that you’re incapable of learning but that grasping information is a bit hard for you.

Is anyone born dull?
No and No!
I say so because I observe kids a lot and I must confess that they are the most curious creatures I have ever come across. I have a cousin who is now 7 years old and he asks questions about everything and anything and what’s worse is he says what ever comes to his mind. Of course,he keeps everyone around him on their toes or with their guard up because you never know what he is going to say and embarrass you.

What am I trying to say?
If we are so curious as kids and possess a hunger for learning, what happens as we grow up?
Simple, We Simply Stop being Curious! As simple as that.
We only learn if we are curious and are willing to go out there and acquire knowledge otherwise we will be what the world calls “dull” “dumb” “stupid” etc
In my opinion,even people who are mentally slow or in a polite way have a challenge when it comes to understanding (uhm still not polite) can do something about it. I have read of some things that help improve brain power like exercising, drinking enough water, eating right, solving puzzles, doing something new or out of your comfort zone to mention a few.
I had a friend who was really bad in sciences when we were in high school and she actually didn’t do well in her finals but now,she is in her 3rd year of her Economics and Finance Degree which tells us that sometimes, we have to find what we are good at and go with it. We should remember that its not possible to excel at everything, we are human ergo we have flaws.


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