That Kind Of Music

I want that kind of music
The kind that makes you want to fly
Or maybe cry
The kind that leaves you in a trance
And makes you want to dance
Your soul away
All through the night
Till the next day
When the sun shines bright
The kind of lyrics
That give you a voice
Leave you no choice
But to sing along
Make you feel like you can do no wrong
A melody that touches your soul
Immenses it in sweet sounds
of love and joy
And brings you up to the surface
A few pounds lighter
Free of stress
Of pain
Of loneliness
The kind of music
That brings you closer to the musician
And makes you feel like he wrote the words straight out of your heart.
That’s the kind of music I want


2 thoughts on “That Kind Of Music

  1. Deb Scarfo says:

    Loved this one! Your words said it all so beautifully!

  2. Thank you Deb.
    I would like for music to have a meaning, some of these lyrics don’t make any sense.

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