Dear Santa

Dear Santa(if you exist),
I know this is a little late but I just thought I should write you this year seeing that I never have.
I have not been good this year(yeah the illegal fun was much too enjoyable) but give me a break and show me someone who has been entirely good this year…!
Anyway, all I want for Christmas is an iPod or a floating house. You choose one that will be easier for you to materialize :D.


NB: sucks for me if you’re mythical because I really want that floating house.


4 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. Martin Shone says:

    As we know, Santa in his red tunic was created by Coca Cola as advertising for that can of fizz I’ve just drunk πŸ™‚ Sorry to burst your bubble, Nelly. But the spirit of giving is alive so keep wishing and one day who knows – myth might become reality. That floating house sounds nice (can I have one too) πŸ™‚ Oh and an iphone too…

  2. Wow!!! I have read it. Thanks for the information!

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