What The Artist Said To Me (Part Two)

The actor

Let’s make a movie
Whatever you want
Maybe a play
I’ll be Stevie
What name do you want?
You can say
Be anything
With me
I will still love you
Because I know the real you
After the act is over
I will give you the life
You see in your favourite movie
Now I am not stevie
I am the prince that you love
And now you can have
Let me call you Beauty
Not because you are beautiful
But I want you to see beauty
In life
Maybe am the beast
I want you to see past
The ugliness of my outward appearance
That’s what love is
Now let’s live out those scenes
Make them a reality
And live in our own movie
Till our death

The dancer

Stop moon walking
Through life
You won’t see,what in the shadows is lurking
I know the man you gave the first dance
Left you in a trance
Give me the last dance
And we’ll dance till we are in France
Near the eiffel tower
Where I’ll get on one knee and wife you
Let the power
Of dance take over you
And you will shake off your low moments
Embrace the compliments
That life and love bestow
Upon you
Its as simple as
I love you
Now let’s
Create art.


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