Do you believe me?

Will you believe me if I said the poems I write are in no way related to me? No? Yes?

What if I said they are all about my life and my experiences? No? Yes?

If I say they relate to me, I will get sad faces and pity because majority of my poems are tragic in that they tell of heart break, pain, loss,betrayal, death etc.

If I say they don’t relate to me, you still won’t believe me..

So I leave it up to you to decide which one will help you sleep better at night šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Do you believe me?

  1. Martin Shone says:

    My thoughts on mine too. If what we write is about us well I think we’d all be a little crazy. Although? :-/

  2. I know right! An artist should be able to write from another persons perspective.

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