Dusty Answer

So, one of my resolutions this year is to read one book per month though I know I’ll probably read 2-3 each month (am such a book worm).
I bought this book last week wednesday and before that, I had never heard of Rosamond Lehmann. The funny thing about me is I just go into a bookshop with no idea of what book I’ll buy. I guess I love surprising myself :); if there’s such a thing! Its this same funny habit that led to my discovery of Andy Greenwald and Brad Listi though I knew the latter and I didn’t even know it. Does that make sense? Anyway, Brad is the founder of The Nervous Breakdown, an online literary magazine that I usaully visit. After I bought his book (Attention. Deficit. Disorder) I googled him and that’s I found out about him founding TNB. I was excited as was expected. Its a good book though. I enjoyed reading it.

I haven’t yet started reading Dusty Answer ,thanks to procrastination. I keep putting it off mainly because I have four more books I haven’t gotten around to reading. So, why did I go out and buy yet another book when I have four that I haven’t read? Frankly, I don’t know! I just woke up and I wanted a new book so I showered and hurled my body to a bookshop, perused the shelves, saw Dusty Answer, liked it, paid and well here I am. (I hate when I get impulsive).

The back of the book says:

”Dusty Answer is Judith Earle’s story. In breathless, elegiac prose it tells of her solitary childhood spent dreaming in an enchanted house by the river, her awkward, intense experiences at cambridge, her first passionate friendship with a contemporary, her stunned disillusionment. Above all, the novel is about Judith’s consuming relationship with the Fyfes, a family of cousins whose inroads into the dreams and preoccupations of her young womanhood make Dusty Answer subtle, heartbreaking, and a landmark in english fiction.”

Wish Me Luck!


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