Life Right Now

Its been a week
Of me, seeing the one I love
In a state of helplessness
Watching her wither away
Like a dry flower
On a hot day
Watching her struggle to do
The things she’s been doing all her life
Watching her detest the food she
Once savored
How do things change in a split second?
One minute you’re laughing,
The next
You’re holding back a dam of tears
‘Don’t cry’
Am told
‘You need to be strong’
‘I’m trying’
I say
‘I really am’

Pillows flooded with tears
And inaudible conversations
Fighting to have faith
To believe everything happens for
A reason
But why is this happening?
Tell me why?

Life is weird
One minute
Reality is where I am
The next
Its like am dreaming
Hearing words I never thought
I would ever hear
Spending every waking hour
Asking questions
Waking up
And expecting the worst

On my knees
My face wet with tears
Eyes looking up to heaven
Saying nothing at all
But I know God knows
And he hears
He never sleeps
It is well.
My God is Mighty to save

*** get well to my one and only young Sister who is Sick right now and will be going for an operation on tuesday ** please pray for her!! 😦


4 thoughts on “Life Right Now

  1. may the darkness of clouds lift and go away
    may the sun return to and bring good speedy recovery her way
    may the tears of sadness leave you soon
    and may good luck come your way
    with lots of happiness too

    may lord come and watch over you
    and may angels wrap you in their wings
    and take care of you too

    may the sadness and tears be washed away
    and you smile return and your sister get well
    and be happy again very soon. from kevin in hampshire
    god bless you.

  2. may lord love and give you strength in your time of need
    may he sit and watch over you and wipe your tears away
    lift up your soul and keep it safe bring you happiness joy
    and peace and good luck today and look after you each night and each day
    and when hes busy and doesnt have the time to spare
    may my words and poems bring a smile to your face
    and comfort you and take the tears away
    as life is for living and making others happy too
    and when a shoulder is needed to cry on and soothe
    your poetic friend will listen and help you through
    this time in your life and your sadness too.

    make a wish upon a star pray for it come true to day
    and ill try and take your tears away
    and make you smile again

  3. Sanah says:

    Get well sooon, little sister.
    What an amazing poem.
    I really liked the second stanza ! πŸ™‚

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