My A to Z list

A. Make a list of 5 things that are
in reach.
My Purse, my headsets, a tube of face cream, my headband

B. What is your favourite

C. What is your fashion style?

D. What’s your occupation?
In the process of looking for a job

E. What do you hear right now?
The television in the sitting room

F. Who was the last person you
I can’t remember

G. What random song just
popped in your head now?

H. What did you do today?
Its just 9a.m

I. What was the last text message
you received?
From Kiwis,asking how I am.

J. What websites do you always
visit when you go online?
Twitter, facebook, wordpress,tumblr,the nervous breakdown, the single woman

K. What is your next big planned
I don’t know yet…maybe a book by Paulo Coelho

L. If you could afford to go
anywhere in the world, where
would you go?

M. Where do you see yourself in
5 years?
Pursuing a degree in journalism

N. Where’s your tattoo/Where
would you like a tattoo?
Somewhere on my body…

O. What are you doing this
Not sure yet

P. If you could play any musical
instrument, which one would
you play?

Q. What’s the one thing you need
the most now?
For my sister to recover and come back home..

R. Are you a creeper?
What’s a creeper?

S. What is your dream job?
To work as a columnist

T. What’s the last good movie you
I don’t watch movies a lot but the last good tv series I saw was Castle Season One

U. What’s your favourite quote?
‘Attitude determines altitude’

V. What is your favourite colour?
White and bright colors

W. Give us three styling tips that
always work for you:
Am not really into fashion…

X. Coffee or tea?

Y. What do you love to do when it
is drizzling?
Watch tv or read or sleep

Z. What inspires you?


Writer’s Block


WHAT IS WRITER’S BLOCK? describes writers block
as ‘a TEMPORARY condition in which a
writer finds it impossible to proceed
with the writing of a novel, play or
other work’.

From that definition, i understand that
writers block is temporary and in my
world, ‘temporary = less than a
month’. It should not last longer than
that. Period.

From my angle, i would describe
writers block as ‘a period of time that
ranges from 1 hour to 1 month in
which a writer feels lazy to write’. In
my understanding,writers write. It
doesn’t matter what. If you are a
writer,you have to write. In the same
way, if you are a teacher,you have to

Why 1 hour?
I personally set aside at most 1 hour
everyday to write. Doesn’t matter
what. I just know that during that
hour, i have to write something even if
its lyrics to a song that i like.

CAUSES of Writers block

1. Lack of inspiration- i don’t agree. As
a writer,i believe i can derive
inspiration from anything. From that
boring sunday i lay around doing
nothing to that moment i hear birds
singing, rain on my window and
everything seems to be in sync.

2. Distraction-choosing to write at time
you are supposed to be doing
something else. You might succeed at
first but along the way,something has
to give and i’m guessing it’s the
writing. In so doing,you might lose
sight of the big picture of what you’re
writing and if that happens then
everything goes KABOOM…

3. Feeling paralyzed by previous
success-it’s kind of expected of human
beings to exist in a state of
progression. If you write a good piece
today,you are expected to write a
better piece the next day. I have to
admit, i have experienced this
sometimes. I would write something
that i feel is the best i can ever write
and so this keeps me from writing
something new for fear of failing but i
know i’m not there yet and so i try and
try and i am still trying.

4. Physical illness- this is

5. End of a relationship- this shouldn’t
cause one to deflect from their passion
as writing is and can be a release for
all that pain you are keeping closed in.
In fact, talking about it helps you heal
that much faster.

6. Financial pressures.

7. Depression-maybe this can pass off
as a legit cause but it depends on how
severe the depression is. If all your
life’s work is in some way
damaged,lets say in a fire then
YES,you have every right to be

8. Sometimes writers feel what they
are writing seems to be beyond their
ability. I’ll tell you what i always tell
myself; ‘it’s all in the mind’. Have the
right approach towards life.

Remedy -write! If you fail just keep

Beauty And The Beast ( It Must Have Been True Love)

Beauty and the Beast has been my favorite fairy tale from time immemorial. At first it was because I saw myself in Belle (somehow), she loved reading and she never quite fit in. That’s how I feel sometimes, not that I am complaining; no!! I love it because I love being different 🙂

I am sure we have all watched or read this wonderful story. As I have grown up and watched it over and over again, I have noticed something that never caught my attention before. BEAUTY FELL IN LOVE WITH A BEAST!! That little fact made me love it even more because it showed something that society is clearly lacking. Loving someone for who they are. I believe love has to go beyond looks though I am not disputing the fact that this is easier said than done. Our society is so centered on outward beauty that people are dying in the process of seeking perfection (like that can be attained). We have people committing suicide because they think or have been told they are not beautiful. This needs and has to come to an end.

I am reminded of a show I recently started watching and this is, Dating In The Dark. Basically, two people get to know each other in the dark (they never see how the other looks till the final day). The funny thing is, I have seen people hit it off whilst in the dark room; they would get along well and always have something to talk about but the moment the lights come on, they walk away claiming the other person is not their type. It makes me wonder, is love about looks or personality?

However, we should not be guilted into dating someone we are not physically attracted to! Remember, if someone doesn’t want you, it doesn’t mean someone else won’t! There are 7 billion people in the world, there surely has got to be somebody for everyone!!

On that note, I conclude by saying: make somebdy feel beautiful today! 🙂

25 Corny Facts About A Girl Named Nelly

1. I am allergic to Boring people, over sensitive people and Bull-S!

2. I have an alter ego, her name is Xaria and she is much nicer than I am.

3. I hate receiving or making calls unless they are to/from my family, my 5 closest friends and my boyfriend.

4. I hate receiving forwarded texts or messages. I never forward them so please, save your air time.

5. I have a deep love for body art and I have an even deeper love for guys with tattoos 🙂

6. I have a tattoo on my body (no specifics)

7. My hair is a disaster. Everyday is a bad hair day.

8. I love having illegal fun! Legal is boring and too basic.

9. I am so impulsive, I think I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

10. On some level, I am claustrophobic.

11. I had my first boyfriend when I was 12.

12. Unlike some people reading this, I believe in True Love

13. I like weird stuff that make people look away or go like ‘eeek’ ‘ewww’ ‘ahhh’ and all that.

14. I came close to expulsion twice in high school for the same offence :/

15. I hate Instant meassaging eg 2go, bbm, mxit, whatsapp etc they bore me. Texting is better.

16. I love fish – dead or alive! Shark or kapenta! Octopus or whale! I love them all.

17. I believe aliens exist. No, I am not a Sci-Fi freak.

18. I am a nerd/geek/dork!

19. I hate arguing so whatever it is, you win. My temper is shorter than kim kardashian’s marriage.

20. I have a crush on Pjay the future and Eminem. Scratch that, I love them!

21. I don’t know what it is but there is just something about men who create art… Its so sexy!

22. Dull men?? Blehhh Next!!!

23. People with a god complex please stay away from me.

24. The kardashians are my guilty pleasure

25. The obvious: I love my blog

Dear Santa

Dear Santa(if you exist),
I know this is a little late but I just thought I should write you this year seeing that I never have.
I have not been good this year(yeah the illegal fun was much too enjoyable) but give me a break and show me someone who has been entirely good this year…!
Anyway, all I want for Christmas is an iPod or a floating house. You choose one that will be easier for you to materialize :D.


NB: sucks for me if you’re mythical because I really want that floating house.

for the love of my life

12 years ago
I remember
meeting you
And falling in love
Thinking of ways
to say it
Coming up blank
Trying and trying
Failing And walking
4 years ago
I met you again
And i knew you
were all i wanted
You gave me
And someone to
You taught me
how to love
You gave me
My happiness was
because of you
You completed me
I wanted more of
Not knowing how
to get it
I walked away.
1 year ago
i was drowning in
an ocean of my
own tears
Till you found me
And offered a
Life started over
with you
Its like the sun
shines much
Music that much
All because of you
I know i love you
If not, then you
are the closest i
have come to love
You have restored
my purpose for
Healed me from all
my past hurts
Shown me that a
coin has two sides
Taught me how to
Helped me forgive
the past
Now i am whole.
Every conversation
leaves me wanting
more of you
Your voice
Your touch
Your love
I want all of you
I want to be the
one who
understands you
better than any
one else ever has.
Thats not doing
too much
I guess you’re all i
live for
I can’t leave you
Not after all we
have been through
You have been to
A friend
A lover
A shoulder to cry
A counsellor/
A helper
You are to me all
that and much
Most of all you are
the love of my life
I wrote this for you
With no rhyming
Just so i can simply
They say ‘nobody
is perfect’ but you