Dear Life

Dear Life,

I Got The Lemons You Sent Me. I’m Sitting Here, Wondering What I should Do With Them Because They Are The Most Sour Lemons I Have Ever Tasted. Yes, I Did Taste Them. Food Is Meant To Be Eaten, Right? The Unfortunate Thing Is The Sour Taste Still Lingers In My Mouth.

Well, Should I Make Lemonade? But Where Will I Get Sugar So Sweet That The Sour Taste Is Nothing But A Mild AfterTaste? Does It Even Exist? Or Maybe I Should Make Mango Juice, Sit Back And Let Everyone Wonder How I Did It? What I Am Trying To Say Is, This Is The Worst You Have Ever Served Me. What Did I Ever Do To Deserve This? Is My Mere Existence An Insult To You? Pardon My Rudeness, I Just Don’t Understand How You Operate At Times. Its Like You See Me Sitting Alone, Enjoying An Orange So Sweet That I forget Lemons Exist And You Think To Yourself
”This Is Not How Its Supposed To Be, She Can’t Forget That Lemons Exist! After All, There Are Two Sides To a Coin”
I Know And Fully Understand That We Are All Bound To Receive This Basket Of SOUR LEMONS At One Point Or Another But Couldn’t You Delay Delivering Mine For Let’s Say, 60 Years Or Something?

Right Now, I’m Thinking Of Ways I Can Get Rid Of This Foul Taste But Everyone Is Telling Me That With Time, I Will Learn To Live With It. Really? How Can I Live With Something That On Certain Days Keeps Me Confined To My Bedroom, Crying And Asking The Angels To Come And Take Me Away To The Place Where The Sun Shines On and On and On…

I Have Met People Who Have Told Me That The Sour Taste Never Goes Away, That I’ll wake Up On Certain Days And Its Like I Just Tasted The Lemons A Few Minutes Ago And On Some Days I’ll Will Be Like “Okay, It Happened But Life Has To Go On”.

Life, See What You’ve Done? I’m About To Become Bipolar.

Oh Well, I Know You Won’t Come And Take Them Back So I Guess — Its Time For Me To Make Some Lemonade And I Know Where I will Find Sugar That Will Kill The Sour Taste 🙂 His Name Is Jesus Christ!

Sincerely Angry At You,
Nelly Or Just Call Me SweetLemon.


Dear Santa

Dear Santa(if you exist),
I know this is a little late but I just thought I should write you this year seeing that I never have.
I have not been good this year(yeah the illegal fun was much too enjoyable) but give me a break and show me someone who has been entirely good this year…!
Anyway, all I want for Christmas is an iPod or a floating house. You choose one that will be easier for you to materialize :D.


NB: sucks for me if you’re mythical because I really want that floating house.

Take Me Away

Dear unknown lover
Where art thou?
My spirit shrivels as I await your arrival
My patience seeps out of the pores of my
Lonesome soul
and dies
The days are becoming longer
The nights unbearable
As I await a tap on my window
Alerting me of your arrival
My knight in shining armor
My charming prince
Whose identity is hidden
By the spaces between us
Maybe the miles that physically separate our bodies
Oh dear lover
Come take me away
From this tower

Letters To Ronnie (The Engagement)

Dear Ronnie

Do you remember that day?
When you put a ring on my finger?
It was simple yet special
You didn’t need a violinist to complement our romance
Or a cake to hide the ring
You just did it the old fashioned way
The way I like it
The old fashioned kind of love
Got on one knee and asked me
“Will you marry me?”
I knew it was inevitable but
I didn’t expect it that soon
I saw myself as your wife even before you asked
I saw us married long before we confessed our love
I remember feeling like
Kneeling down
But all I could do was say
What else was I supposed to say?

Images of our wedding flashed before me
As I imagined
My dress
My flowers
The music
You in a suit

Ronnie,you gave new meaning to the question
‘will you marry me’
The way you said it
Like those were your last words
Like your life hung on the response to that question
I know for a fact
‘Yes’ is the best answer I have ever given my whole life

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Letters To Ronnie (The Day We Met)

Dear Ronnie

Do you remember how we met?
I do
The ground was wet
So was my soul
The prior storm
Had rained deep into me
All I could do was roam
Around in my mind Trying to realize what I was meant to be
After he left me
Holding the pieces of my heart
In my hand
The wind blew
The pieces of me

You appeared
Like the sun on a rainy day
Amidst my hurt
You brought joy
You showed me the way
To love
To care again
Its like I started living
When you walked into
My life
I can’t dispute the fact that
I would have still been
Stuck in that storm
Had you not shown up

Your presence lightens
Up a dark day
Your smile turns my skies blue
Your love keeps me going through life
Your care is all I need to get up everyday
Your voice drives away all my fears
Your being gives me hope for tomorrow
Your touch makes me feel like the woman I never knew I was
Your breathe upon my skin rejuvenates my body
And I feel young again
Like our love will never end
And I hope it never does

When you feel like leaving
Remember this love we have is rare
Our chemistry is the last of its kind
Call it fate
Here we are
And we will survive the
Hardships life throws at us
When I feel like leaving
I will remember one fact
You made me the woman I am today
You are my hero

broken hearted girl

broken hearted girl

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