This is a poem that my friend Joseph and collaborated on last year!


The summer breeze
Reminds me of the music in my soul
Warm, quiet and flowing with ease
A sweet sound that leaves my ears
yearning for more
It is my haven on a blue day
Invigorating my spirit, body and mind
Keeping the world at bay
And going on an adventure with me to the other side


My soul is led on to another place
the sun keeps shining when all around
me are heavy clouds
My secret escape, free for all yet free
from all,
Butterflies rocking my stomach each
My lonely heart within the moment is
filled with the warmth of
I can’t help but be glad that I’ve been
kissed by the sweet, tender and
lips of music


I am captivated by the rhythm
In love with its purity
In music i find an identity without
And in it i am relieved of my insanity
i speak my heart in its lyrics
live my life in step with the beat
it lifts me up with its sopranos and lets
me down easy with its bass


Rhythm and pure sweet melody are
color of beautiful life,
that only the eyes of my ears can see,
my heart sighs and can feel all,
like tiny bits of sandy grain at the
each note makes the scenery beautiful,
reminding me to forget all the sorrow
that this world can boast of,
Even in light of the deepest darkness,
music makes my heart see all that can
and is well,
oh what a blissful thought,
that all can be well despite the pain
all i can be is grateful that i had a
to listen to the melody one more time.


That Kind Of Music

I want that kind of music
The kind that makes you want to fly
Or maybe cry
The kind that leaves you in a trance
And makes you want to dance
Your soul away
All through the night
Till the next day
When the sun shines bright
The kind of lyrics
That give you a voice
Leave you no choice
But to sing along
Make you feel like you can do no wrong
A melody that touches your soul
Immenses it in sweet sounds
of love and joy
And brings you up to the surface
A few pounds lighter
Free of stress
Of pain
Of loneliness
The kind of music
That brings you closer to the musician
And makes you feel like he wrote the words straight out of your heart.
That’s the kind of music I want

What The Artist Said To Me (Part 1)

The singer

I will sing to you
How many have done that for you?
None, I presume
Don’t assume
Just let my voice
Caress you
You have no choice
But to let me love you
Like no other has
All they have been is a farce
I will be real
I will steal
away your frown
And drown
It in the music
That our love will create

The writer

I will re-write
Your story
And make everything right
All those sorry
Moments will
Fade away
And a new day
Will dawn on you but only if you stand still
And let me love you
My words will soothe
Your tired spirit
They will smooth
All the rough edges
In your life
Forget about the past pages
That have caused you strife
For I am going to erase them all
And my verses will be the poetry in your soul
I will fix you up
Lift you up
And treat you like the princess you are

The painter

Look at me
Straight into my eyes
I want to capture the sea
Of tears
You have cried
Let me add color
To your life
Help you live a fuller
Life isn’t black and white
Its colorful and bright
Green and yellow
Look up from below
The sky is blue
And the clouds are full
Of happiness
Just for you
Won’t you let this stress
Let my paint brush
Outline your body
Fill it in the right places
I see the beauty in you
The smile hidden in your eyes
I will capture that and
Make you my master piece

To Be Continued….

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To you. Because i love you. Seriously. I do.

Its funny how i fell in love with you. If someone had told me then that i would love you this much when i first heard you sing, i would not have believed them because to me; you were just another up coming musician.

The first song i heard had me puzzled because i did not know what you were trying to put across but i loved it because it helped me cope with how i was feeling: misunderstood, restless, ambivalent, unwanted, detached from reality, living in an alternate world, trusting in the mystical. When i listened to you sing, i felt at peace like i was home. Its unbelievable that you could so clearly articulate my then complex persona.

I went on to listen to more of your songs and i knew you were HIM. The one who would take me to bed and wake me up with his beautiful voice singing of worlds and things that are not easily comprehensible. I loved that you did not make sense and you still dont but that is besides what i am trying to say.

I love you because you are awesome. I love you because your lyrics are so poetic. I love you because to me, you are music.

I promise to always be your biggest fan. I promise to always mention you on twitter and I promise to always support you in any and every way possible.

You are a part of my life and my day is incomplete without listening to you.

I love you Owl City (ADAM YOUNG)!!!

Always and forever