Who was I in my Past Life?

Before I dive into what this post is all about, I would like to make mention that I am not an introspective person but I would like to think that I try to be. I am the kind of person who when told to reflect about my life, I postpone it to a later date!
We all have our short-comings and I do not like having to face my demons every night before I go to bed, I like to think of the good things that happened during the day and thank God for them then ask him to help me in the areas of my life where I am failing! I know the areas where I am failing and I pray about them, I just do not want to spend hours thinking of how I should have given my change to that man on the street when I can spend it thinking of a way I can help get people off the street!

Anyway, I have been reading THOUGHTS FOR THINKERS by Dolatrai M Desai for the past few days and I must say I have had a great time as it made me ponder something I would have otherwise never given much thought and that is: REINCARNATION!

I remember learning about it in junior high school and the significant thing I remember and knew(till about a few days ago) is that “you will reap in the next life what you sow in this life”! Well after reading about about it in depth, I have realised that that is the whole idea behind it.
I am a christian and so I do believe in an after life; the only significant difference is I believe in an afterlife in heaven and not on earth however the two stand on the same principles-reaping what you sow.

My recent thoughts concerning reincarnation have been centered on hinduism, basically I have just been wondering who I was in my past life considering the life I now live! I am a human being so that tells me I must have been a good person because it is said that bad people reincarnate into stones or something like that! This just made realise how blessed I am and just how I tend to take things for granted especially some opportunities that I have access to that others in my country do not-shelter, a loving family,education, three meals a day, to mention just a few!

After taking all this into consideration, well I have decided to be a better person-first to myself then to others.


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